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Introducing the Content Layout Engine (CLE)

CLE is a server side application framework.

This means that you can work with familiar tools such as Word or your email program to update your website without fiddling with HTML.

Creating a web application? CLE minimizes duplicate code, makes it easier to maintain, reduces your development time by up to 75% and lets you create some pretty cool stuff even if you are not a hard core programmer.

What does it do?

Diagram showing Content (word documents, pdf files, excel files, databases, html files, text files, emails etc) flows into templates (created in HTML, XML, Java, C++ etc) which becomes a web page Complete separation of the content you create and the look of a website or the user interface of a web application.

CLE seamlessly ties together content of all kinds, allowing content creators to provide content they have in the format they prefer.

The content creator can correct typos and add new content without needing to get caught up in the graphical design or technical implementation components.

CLE frees web designers from making mindless changes such as fixing typos and reformatting content to be "web-ready". Designers can instead concentrate on the really creative aspects of web design, leading to better and more rewarding work.

Even better, CLE provides designers with an easy way to write dynamic web applications. Simple applications need only HTML templates to define the user interface - and CLE to do the rest of the content formatting. More sophisticated logic can be added with secondary programs. The basic premise: to separate programming logic from the "look" of the user interface!

Benefits to using CLE

  •  Separate content and layout for easier maintenance.

  •  Easily change your website's "look and feel" using templates.

  •  Dynamically reformat content to suit different needs and looks.

  •  Customize content for each visitor, or class of visitors.

  •  Upload content without needing to reformat it to be "web-ready".

Content Providers
  •  Create content in familiar formats (Word, PDF, etc).

  •  Add content to multiple places without duplicating the material.

  •  Upload content without needing HTML support or training.

  •  Seamlessly change and correct details across an entire site.

  •  Use CLE as a platform to create new web applications in a fraction of the time.

  •  Allow content providers to directly upload their information.

  •  Easily pull content from multiple sources (Databases, accounting systems, email, even other applications).

  •  Achieve dynamic functionality without sacrificing normal URLs.

Notable Features

  •  Easily gather information from multiple sources, using multiple formats to use as part of the same website or application.

  •  Read and write to many different file formats without having to write code. Extract information from an email or a PDF file using exactly the same (simple) syntax.

  •  Reading and writing to a database is as easy as passing the database connection string and the query you would like to run.

  •  Read or write to multiple databases (or even other kinds of content) at the same time!

  •  Recursive templating engine.

  •  Provides easy access to meta data from the content you are reading, such as file name, file extension, date of creation, creator, file size etc.

What's the difference between CLE and one of those web programming languages such as PHP?

CLE isn't really a programming language. Rather, it's a tool that makes certain kinds of programming unnecessary.

CLE is faster, has a much lower learning curve and allows you to think about more interesting problems rather than continuously forcing you to reinvent the wheel.

You could reproduce most of CLE's functionality using something like PHP. You could also create a PDF file in Notepad. CLE is a shortcut to achieving real results in a quarter of the time.

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