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Creating content in your favourite word processor Step 1 - Create content
Content providers create content using their own familiar tools (such as MS Word, Adobe Acrobat, etc...)

Saving the content to the website Step 2 - Save content
Once the content is complete the material is saved (in its original format - not an HTML copy) to the web site directly from the program the same way documents are normally saved.

Editing the content later is as easy as opening the document in Word making a change and hitting save.

Updates can be reflected on the website instantly.

The completed website Step 3 - Let CLE do the rest and enjoy
The end result is dynamically generated by the Content Layout Engine and displayed for the viewer on the web.

Templates are applied to the content automatically to ensure a consistent look and feel across the entire site.

All content can be searchable instantly.

Site maps and content listings are updated dynamically to reflect content being added, updated or removed.

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