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Content Layout Engine (CLE) - Pricing
CLE Dart CLE Dart
  • Small, low traffic websites
  • Hosted at Phibian
  • Monthly fees vary per CLE use
ChangesMonthly Fee
CLE Leopard CLE Leopard
  • Medium websites with advanced features (data driven, etc...)
  • Hosted externally
  • $5,000 stand alone price or $250/month subscription*

CLE Goliath CLE Goliath
  • Large, dynamic websites requiring frequent maintenance
  • Hosted externally
  • $20,000 stand alone price or $1000/month subscription*
* Subcriptions require a two year contract and include any upgrades shipped during that period.

There may be costs associated with redesigning your site to best use the power of the Content Layout Engine.
Additional site license agreements are available on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for further information.
All costs are for a single website license only.

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