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Mary Jaekl, 25 By Ottawa Business Journal Staff Thu, Jun 10, 2004 3:00 PM EST Phibian Technologies Inc., President Biggest achievement: In one year, I co-ordinated creation and delivery of more complex core business applications than we have staff, while continuing to achieve our research objectives. Best skill: Attention to detail. Most admired businessperson: Jet Blue's David Neeleman for his commitment to customer satisfaction and attention to corporate culture. Biggest business lesson learned: Greed never pays. While conventional business wisdom advocates seeking outside funding to catapult your company to riches, the time spent in the venture capital lottery pays off only for a few companies. Unless capital is required to implement your idea, time spent chasing the rainbow is usually better spent on your core business. Take the time instead to improve your internal processes and your bottom line. Favourite charity: Ottawa Innercity Ministries Professional recognition that would mean the most: The satisfaction of doing what I love is recognition enough. Although it is also very satisfying when customers tell us, "Wow, your program has made our lives easier and saved us money ... thank you."

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