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Please review these instructions carefully before submitting your resumé. Please do not apply more than once, unless your information has changed. Any resumés on file are automatically considered before we post open positions. No phone calls or faxes please!

Submitting your resumé
To submit a resumé, send us an email with the following characteristics:

    Subject: Resume Submission
    Attachments: A Rich Text Format (RTF) version of your resumé.
    Message body:The text of your cover letter.

Following the above instructions to the letter will guarantee that someone will read your cover letter. If your cover letter generates at least two points, your resumé will be forwarded to our Human Resources department. If your total score is at least four points, we will consider you for any open positions, and keep your resumé on file. All other solicitations will be automatically deleted.

    Point System
    1 point Applicant mentions the word "Phibian"
    1 point Applicant has an idea of what they might do for Phibian.
    2 pointsApplicant has an idea of what Phibian does.
    3 pointsApplicant has relevant experience.

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