Inventory Management / Point of Sale

A complete solution for managing inventory from purchasing through to sales and reporting. We have built systems capable of handling multi-organization data sharing and multi-location real-time inventory sharing. This allows for a complete solution for organizations with multiple locations in the same area or spread across the country. With real-time sharing of information you are never left calling other locations to ask if something is really in stock.

Warehouse shelves


  • Realtime multi-location inventory management including transfers
  • Individual and corporate customer sales, loans and rentals
  • E-commerce integration including support for cross-branding
  • Purchase order management
  • Extensive reporting including export to PDF, XLS and custom formats
  • Accounting / business management software integration
  • 3rd party integration - Import, export and realtime data transfer
  • Staff management - Customizable user permissions and reporting
  • Multi-organization data privacy - Share stock levels without sharing customer or sales data
  • Integration with wireless scanners and handheld devices
  • Delivery tracking including signatures on handheld devices
  • Geolocation support for mapping
  • Integration with payment processing options from major banks, PayPal, etc...
  • Client portals for specialized corporate contracts
  • and many more...
Cashier server a customer
Pricing varies depending on options and customization.
Can be self hosted or hosted on our servers
Support subscriptions include:
  • Every update and major release for the product during the subscription period
  • Description and risk assessment information for every change between releases
  • Notification of available updates
  • 10% discount on consulting services
Contact us for further details and customization inquiries.