Database Services

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With decades of experience designing, integrating and optimizing databases we are well positioned to assist you with all of your database needs. Be it a simple contact tracking database or a complex core business system with high availability requirements we can help you find an optimal solution for your specific situation.


  • Decades of experience designing relational database schemas
  • Practical experience with what works in the real world not just on paper
  • A wide range of database vendors (Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, etc...)
  • High availability implementations (cold standby, hot standby, realtime replication, etc...)
  • Custom solutions for your specific business needs
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  • Expertise integrating a variety of different database technologies into a single homogenous solution
  • Multi-database application design
  • Import, export and cross database data transfer
  • Building modern interfaces on top of existing legacy databases
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  • Practical experience with highly complex queries
  • Different optimization strategies can be employed for different situations
  • Query optimization as well as schema optimization and indexing
  • Performance tuning for specific workloads

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We offer one time consultations as well as fully managed projects with ongoing support.