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Information systems auditing

We offer complete auditing of information technology software systems
  • Website security audits - protect your reputation and your customer's information
  • Internal systems review - identify weak points
  • Business process analysis - get an expert opinion on what is working and what is not for your business

Disaster planning

Disasters can take many forms: earthquake, flood, virus, power or communication failure, software or hardware malfunction, hackers or even opperator error. Let us help you protect your business.
  • Critical system identification and analysis
  • Failover system design and implementation planning
  • Contingency plan development
  • Software auditing and recomendations for improving resiliency
  • Identification of major risks and vulnerabilities

Database consultation

With decades of experience designing, implementing and maintaining everything from simple contact databases to complex distributed databases with realtime backup and failover capabilities we have seen it all. If you are looking for any type of database work from a simple review of an existing system to a complete custom solution for your business we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Add-on services for existing customers

As an addon service for our exisiting customers we are now pleased to offer:
  • Domain name registration including DNS hosting - Easily bring the power of .com and .net addresses to your business.
  • SSL certificates to help secure your information
  • Email hosting - including webmail, spam and anti-virus protection for both inbound and outbound messages
  • Web hosting - CLE powered sites allow you to build your business using a full application framework instead of a limited site builder

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