Add-on services for existing customers

For the convenience of our existing customers we offer a number of additional services at nominal rates. .com / .net powered by VERISIGN logo

Domain name registration
Easily bring the power of .com, .net and a wide range of specialty and country code TLD addresses to your business. Rates vary by domain name. In addition to full service domain name registration we also offer a self service option for those with simple requirements.

DNS hosting
Host your domain names with us instead of dealing with an additional 3rd party. We also offer auto DNS failover between backbone links for your website and web applications when also hosted with us to help keep you up and running.

SSL/TLS certificates
Secure your information using industry standard SSL/TLS certificates. We offer a wide range of options with varying levels of certification for regular and wildcard certificates. We recommend that most websites now be secured with an SSL/TLS certificate even if you are not selling online as most search engines are now giving preferential rankings to secure sites.

Individual using a laptop Email hosting
Standard email hosting including webmail, spam and anti-virus protection for both inbound and outbound messages with reasonable per user rates.

Web hosting
Hosting for your websites using our custom CLE backend and powerful WYSIWYG rich text editors. Fully customized to allow you to focus on running your business instead of running your website. Automate content to ensure that your site is always fresh and alive in order to maintain optimal SEO scores and rankings. Integration with virtually any other technology to tie into anything from existing legacy systems to future APIs that don't even exist yet. Allows you to build your business web sites using a full application framework instead of a limited site builder.