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We offer a wide range of consulting services and have experience working with many different industries. From audits of your current solutions and work flows to reviewing security concerns we are ready to help you with any concerns. Our experience allows us to identify many issues that others miss and save your organization valuable time and money. Do you have a complex mix of technologies and solutions in place at your organization? We have extensive expertise integrating with legacy and third-party systems, optimizing complex systems and providing complete replacement solutions.

Custom Application Design - Web Apps

We've been creating custom web applications since before there was a term for them. With decades of experience creating full web based software solutions ranging in size from tiny leave tracking systems to highly complex multi-location systems handling inventory, sales, purchasing, scheduling and tracking we've built systems for virtually every situation.
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Some example features:
  • Complex reporting with export to XLS, PDF and other custom formats
  • Integration with third-party legacy and modern systems or web services for import and export of data and realtime communication
  • E-commerce, shopping cart, merchant account, and banking integration including direct inter-bank transfers
  • Complex automation rules (leave bank loading, monitoring and notification, policy application, etc...)
If you have a software need but can't find an off the shelf solution which fits we can build what you are looking for at a highly competitive price point.

Website security audits

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Most websites are running on outdated insecure software. Is someone currently maintaining your website's backend software? When was the last time security patches were applied to the content management system (CMS)? There's a very high probability that your site is insecure and is a prime target for hackers if, like many small businesses, you are running a standard CMS (such as WordPress). Even if the basic software is being updated, sites often integrate a variety of plugins. Many of these are abandoned by their creators and left unsupported. This leaves the site vulnerable to compromise. Many web developers are primarily graphic designers and have little to no programming expertise leaving them unqualified to assess potential security risks. Additionally most web development companies only supply the initial site and do not offer any long term support or security maintenace services.

Our highly experienced team of security experts have the skills to review your current setup and make recommendations as to how to secure and maintain your site both now and in the future.

Information Systems Auditing

We offer a complete range of information systems auditing services. We can review your current work flows and software systems. From shadowing staff to observe operations to detailed technical analysis of specific software systems and hardware profiling we have experience assisting many different organizations with their IT systems.
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Our generalized approach:
  • High level review of current solutions, procedures and goals
  • Interviews with key staff and/or job shadowing
  • Technical and security analysis of current systems
  • Observations and discussion of potential solutions
  • Presentation of recomendations
With decades of experience reviewing highly complex systems in a wide range of environments we are ready to help you make sense of your situations and provide clear guidance on how to move forward.

Disaster Planning

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Fire, flood, tornados, ice-storms, power outages, hardware failures, hackers and internal threats are all very real situations that can impact your business without notice. Is your business prepared to handle these types of disasters?
A few questions you should consider:
  • Can your staff work remotely with full access to your core business systems?
  • Do you have backups of all data and key systems?
  • Do these backups rely on staff or are they fully automated?
  • Are these processes tested and verified on a regular basis?
  • If your primary location/data center was wiped out for some reason would you be able to keep operating?
  • How long can you afford for your systems to be down in the event of a systems failure?
  • What would such down time cost your organization?
We have extensive experience designing, implementing and maintaining disaster plans for a range of different levels of availability. From robust multi-site backup solutions to real-time database replication and standby systems we have helped organizations find solutions to make sure they will be up and running regardless of what happens around them.

Contact us for a quote for your specific situation.

We offer one time consultations as well as fully managed projects with ongoing support.