COVID-19 Screening

COVID-19 virus
As part of most local public health guidelines for the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are being asked to screen staff and visitors prior to entry. They msut also maintain a list for contact tracing in the event of a positive case being detected. While many businesses are using manual tracking methods this can lead to ommissions and requires a great deal of effort. Asking visitors to sign in is problematic due to issues around touching pens and writing surfaces.
  • Touchless screening and contact tracing
  • Visitors sign-in by scanning a QR code using their own personal smart phone
  • Customizable list of screening questions
  • Available email reporting of pass/fail for screening
  • Supports multiple locations with centralized reporting
  • Records location, name and contact information as well as a timestamp for all visitors
  • Branded with your corporate name and logo
  • Ability to manage QR codes by location/day of the week to ensure that visitors aren't saving a QR code and signing-in remotely

Screenshot showing first name and last name entry Screenshot showing screening questions Screenshot showing location information

Initial setup: $600
Includes: 12 months hosting and 12 month support subscription
Support subscriptions include:
  • Every update and major release for the product during the subscription period
  • Description and risk assessment information for every change between releases
  • Notification of available updates
  • 10% discount on consulting services
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