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An inexpensive web-based tool to control payroll through 'Intelligent' scheduling.

Robust enough to handle unionized employees. Simple enough to reduce the hassle of managing any payroll that calculates overtime, statutory holidays and paid leaves.

If you have employees subject to overtime, statutory holidays and paid leaves - you've already experienced the overhead caused by keeping track of the employee's accumulated time off allowances and the varying amounts required to be paid during the pay period.

Simplify your administration and reduce your overhead costs with our Scheduling Application.

Flexible: overtime, holidays, paid leave, accumulated hours, union work type definitions - whatever you need to manage, ShiftWorks makes it easy.

Simple: automatically handles default schedules, employee leave 'banks', overtime, holidays etc...

Accurate: the flexible rules engine allows you to enforce Collective Agreement, statutory holiday, paid leave bank and unpaid leave bank rules.

Quick links  Requirements
Cyclical Scheduling
  • Setup default schedules for full-time and part-time employees
  • Change default schedules to reflect leaves or shift adjustments
  • Automatically handle overtime and statutory holidays
  • Post a pay period once complete to freeze data and allow export

Ad-Hoc or Relief Scheduling
  • Restrict replacement or temporary employees to sites and job restrictions for which they are qualified
  • Track cancellations
  • Post a pay period once complete to freeze data and allow export

Employee Banks
  • Keep track of paid leave bank balances
  • Automatically enter leave entitlements (time worked in lieu of pay, monthly entitlements)
  • Enforce paid leave bank rules, including minimum balance

Collective Agreement Enforcement
  • Customize work type definitions
  • Customize statutory holiday rules
  • Customize leave type definitions

Security and access rules
  • Restrict application access per user and per menu item
  • Determine edit and post privileges for each user on an individual site basis
  • View user reports for security audit purposes

Integration and Customization
  • Optionally pull employee information from Great Plains (or your favorite accounting system)
  • Export pay period information to Great Plains
  • Customize look and feel (colours, font sizes and look)
  • Customize wording on menus, table headers and more
  • Provide access to the application in one or more languages

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System Requirements  Microsoft Windows (2000, 2003, XP)

 Microsoft SQL Server

Pricing  $2495.00 per installed copy + a minimum 12 month support subscription.

 Support Subscriptions (- More information...)
 $4.95 per Employee per month (first 10 to 50 Employees)
 $1.95 per Employee per month (all additional Employees)

 To place an order please contact our sales department today.

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