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SQLif Designed to be a fast lightweight method of interactively accessing ODBC datasources.

This utility is suitable for any SQL task.
No more installing special tools and fiddling with configuration files.
Just run SQLif and get straight to work.
Quick links  Requirements

  • No external libraries required.
  • Can connect to any datasource for which an ODBC driver is installed.
  • Accepts either DSN based or DSN less connection strings.
  • Command line or CGI operation.
  • CGI mode allows queries to be run against multiple datasources in sequence.
  • CGI mode allows variables to be set and used across queries and across datasources.

Stop using a different SQL query tool for every database.
With SQLif you only need a single tool for all your database querying needs.

System Requirements  Microsoft Windows (2000, 2003, XP)

Pricing  $24.95 per installed copy

 To place an order please contact our sales department today.

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