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FlySwatter is a system for end-to-end project management.

The system is organized as a collection of items. An item can be:

  • a customer request
  • a problem report
  • a project milestone
  • etc… (item types are fully customizable)

Each item belongs to a project. Items are assigned to a person who can act on the item. Users enter events into the item as the work on that item progresses. Each event captures a date/time, duration, user who carried out the work, an activity type describing the work completed and any associated information, such as a description.

FlySwatter allows you to track what needs to be done to complete a project, outstanding issues or requests during the maintenance phase of the project life cycle, and assign items to each project phase as it is completed to allow stakeholders to assess the benefit/risk profile of implementing each new phase.

FlySwatter is fully customizable to use the wording, options and even the fields that best suit the kind of projects you are tracking.

Quick links  Requirements
Project management
  • Set default attributes such as Project manager, assigned area and category on a per project basis.
  • Output selected project information to publically accessible website.
  • Create area lists on a per project basis.
  • Create project dependencies to track individual instances of a project used as part of a different project.
  • Automatically create an item containing a list of changes for all dependant projects when the parent project changes.

Item Entry
  • Link Items in a parent/child hierarchy to provide visual indication of related items.
  • Set Items to 'wait' for another item. Item status of waiting items will change to 'waiting' until the item being waited for has been completed.

  • Edit the number and names of every list in the program:
    • priorities
    • statuses
    • project areas
    • categories
    • available types
    • field names
    • research project names
    • and more!
  • Turn on or off project versioning.
  • Turn on or off Research project tracking.

User management
  • Tight menu access control
  • Restricted per user on a project by project basis
  • Allow read only access to some or all projects

  • Extensive filtering create nearly limitless reporting options. Reports are returned in the following configurations:
    • Item report (all matching items).
    • Item summary report (total matching items).
    • Event report (all matching events and time recorded per event).
    • Item/Hours breakdown report.
  • Individual read/unread allow users to find new items at a glance.
  • Flagged/unflagged statuses allow users to follow particular items.

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System Requirements  Microsoft Windows (2000, 2003, XP)

 Microsoft Access

Pricing  $2495.00 per installed copy + a minimum 12 month support subscription.

 Support Subscriptions (- More information...)
 $4.95 per User per month (first 10 to 50 Users)
 $1.95 per User per month (all additional Users)

 To place an order please contact our sales department today.

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